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Finger Print Art Idea for Mother's Day

Posted by Adele Bester on

This make the perfect sentimental gift for Grannies and grandpas and even moms and dads, the poem can be customized according to your needs.

You will need:

Self-Adhesive Decifix
Wet wipes or paper towel or even toilet paper
Your pre-printed canvases from Canvas Crazy and
Some Kids (Preferably your own)

Step 1
Draw a heart shape just big enough to cover their name on the back of the decifix and cut out
Cut a rectangle from the decifix to cover the poem.
Peel and place the heart over the child’s name and peel and place the rectangle over the poem.

Step 2
Let your kiddies dip their finger in one colour and dot that finger all over the canvas, then wipe the finger clean and dip into the next colour – Rinse and repeat until the entire canvas is covered in fingerprints.

Step 3
Peel the decifix heart and rectangle off and ta-da, your little ones art work is ready to hang.

Happy DIYing
Stay sane
Adele from Canvas Crazy