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Don't just take photos, capture the love - 4 Tips to take amazing photos as a couple!

Posted by Adele Bester on

So, you have a couple photo shoot booked, and you’ve started brainstorming ideas about what poses you would like to do, where you would like to do your photo shoot, what you two are going to wear and so much more… Here are a few things to consider when planning your photo shoot.

Authenticity – Keep it real!

There is nothing worse than forced photos. You know the photos I’m talking about. You can just see something is ‘off’. On the flip side, there’s nothing more precious than authentic photos. Be yourselves. If you are a silly couple, be silly. If you are a more conservative couple, be conservative. Don’t try to portray something you are not in your photos.

Conservative Couple

Silly Couple

Keep this in mind when choosing your location and outfits too. If you are casual, keep it casual. Jeans and your favourite Ts on the beach or in a field. For the more conservative couple, maybe a city-shoot in evening wear, or perhaps do what all the cool kids are doing and shoot in your favourite coffee shop.

Movement – Keep it moving!

Photos that capture movement are to a great extent more natural and will give you a lot more variety in your final photos. This is also a great way to show how you and your partner naturally interact. If you can play some music off a Bluetooth speaker at your shoot and do a little dancin’, running, or walking away or towards the photographer, this also makes for stunning movement photos.

Dancing Couple

Emotion – Keep it true!

You can’t help but smile when you see a photo of a couple laughing. Genuine laughter always makes for better photos than the perfectly posed smile. Make it fun! During the photo shoot, whisper in your partners ear all the things you love about them. This will evoke real emotion in your partner that will be captured in your photos or, doing silly things like whispering your favourite vegetables in a sexy voice to your partner will bring out a natural laughter and the “picture perfect smile”, frozen in time for you to treasure always.

Laughing Couple

Intimacy – Keep contact!

The best way to display intimacy in your photos is to always keep contact with your partner. Whether your little fingers are linked, or you are completely entangled in each other. If you keep it natural, your closeness will come through in your photos.

Intimacy in Photos

I hope you have the most amazingly romantic photo shoot and look forward to printing some of your special moments on canvas for you to display in your home.

Remember to keep it real. The love you share with your partner is special and worth celebrating.

Much love and stuff